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Ionic Liquids Database - ILThermo (v2.0)

Andrei F. Kazakov, Joe W. Magee, Robert D. Chirico, Vladimir Diky, Kenneth G. Kroenlein, Chris D. Muzny, Michael D. Frenkel
ILThermo is a web-based ionic liquids database available free to the public. It aims to provide users worldwide with up-to-date information on publications of

Depicting Web Images for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Andrea Bajcsy, YaShian Li-Baboud, Mary C. Brady
A prototype to translate web graph and map images into 3D printed models in order to give the blind and visually impaired access to voting and election

Congestion Due to Random Walk Routing

Vladimir V. Marbukh, Iraj Saniee, Onuttom Narayan
In this paper we derive an analytical expression for the mean load at each node of an arbitrary undirected graph for the uniform multicommodity flow problem

ACT-Touch Reference Manual, Working Draft

Kristen Greene, Franklin Tamborello
ACT-Touch is a set of manual motor request extensions for ACT-R 6 (Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational, hereafter, ACT-R) . These manual request extensions

International Comparison of Surface Roughness, APMP.L-K8

Andrew Baker, Siew-Leng Tan, Richard Leach, Lena Jung, Seung Yin Wong, Anusorn Tonmueanwai, Kazuya Naoi, Jaewan Kim, Thomas B. Renegar, K P Chaudhary, Louise Mostert, Mohamed Amer, Sitian Gao, Chin-Lung Tsai, Ngo N. Anh, Augustinus Drijarkara
Surface roughness calibration services of sixteen countries from four metrology regions are compared through measurements of roughness and step height standards

Field Standards for Weights and Measures

Georgia L. Harris
An article written for the measurement community on whether [field] standards are “fit for purpose”. Is the equipment used is in testing designed for the

Refrigerant Properties for Heat Transfer Analysis

Mark O. McLinden
Presentation at 2013 Winter Annual Meeting of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Dallas, Texas, January 27

Building Quantum Computers

Emanuel H. Knill
Abstract: In theory, quantum computers can be used to efficiently factor numbers, quadratically speed up many search and optimization problems, and enable