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Two TE market approaches and impact on grid and customer flexibility



David Holmberg


This presentation covers simulation research evaluating two approaches to communicating value of electricity to customers. The first communicates day ahead prices to customers and allows customers to purchase forecast load at those prices with actual consumption different from forecast billed at a spot price (RTP). This allows flexible loads to plan use of storage. A second approach communicates RTP only and loads respond to reduce or increase load based on difference of RTP from average price. Results demonstrate relative strengths for managing customer energy cost as well as challenges of grid voltage control. This presentation will also examine related issues: forecasting price vs. forecasting load, equity of granular locational prices, complexity of implementation for prices-to-devices vs. full retail market and reasonably expected benefits (to customer and grid) of different distribution grid DER management approaches.
Gridwise Architectural Council website


Holmberg, D. (2022), Two TE market approaches and impact on grid and customer flexibility, Gridwise Architectural Council website, [online],, (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created April 27, 2022, Updated December 19, 2022