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With the advent of vSANS, CANDOR, and MACS, which provide accelerated data rates, and the deployment of the new, more flexible, data acquisition system at NIST, coupled with the rise of machine learning and AI, CHRNS is well-positioned to supply the advanced neutron capabilities required to characterize materials out of equilibrium. Through this initiative, CHRNS will be able to offer the academic community access to exceptional neutron scattering capabilities to address pressing scientific issues.


CHRNS Kinetics Initiative

High level composition of the Kinetics Initiative

The MACS, vSANS, and CANDOR instruments will be upgraded to allow new approaches for time- resolved experiments.

New hardware will allow CHRNS users to remotely reduce and analyze their data.

New data formats that incorporate the multiple time-resolved data streams and a new methodology of maintaining the data in an accessible database will be implemented.

Software will be implemented for experimental optimization on CANDOR and vSANS.

A combination of computational power and software tools will be developed to treat the time-stamped data in almost real time for immediate user feedback and AI-based experimental control.

Time-stamping of the instrumental configuration will increase the effective data rates on MACS.

New electrochemical and stopped-flow capabilities will be developed






Created March 12, 2021