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Publishers of Time and Frequency Software

The following alphabetical list of links includes publishers of time and frequency software we are aware of; the list may be incomplete. Send corrections or additions to: timeinfo [at]

NOTE: We have provided links to these sites because they have information that may be of interest to our users. NIST does not necessarily endorse the views expressed or the facts presented on these sites. Further, NIST does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on these sites.

The time and frequency software from each publisher have been categorized as follows:

ACTS Automated Computer Time Service (via analog modem)
ITS Internet Time Service


Company ACTS ITS Platform
Acrovista   X Windows
Alchemy Mindworks   X Windows
Apple Computer   X Macintosh
Atom Time   X Windows
Beagle Software X X Windows
Bytefusion Ltd.   X Windows
FSMTime by FSMLabs   X Windows, Linux, Solaris
Getware   X Windows
Green Parrots Software   X Windows
Greyware Automation Products   X Windows, Linux, UNIX, FreeBSD  
Hoptroff   X Windows, Linux   
K & G Group   X Windows
KezerNet   X Macintosh   X Windows
Masterclock   X Windows
Meinberg   X Windows, DOS, Novell, Linux, OS/2  
Mirage Audio Visual Media   X Windows
Moire 'Lectronics   X Windows
MR Technical Solutions   X Windows
NetTime   X Windows   X Linux/Unix
OpenNTPD   X Linux, BSD, Macintosh
Polygon, Inc. X X Windows, Novell
RBA Software   X Windows
RJ Software X X Windows
Luzius Schneider Software   X Windows
Provenio Software Corp.   X Windows
Softros Systems   X Windows
Talking Time Keeper   X Windows
VicTech   X Windows
Visual GPS   X Windows
W. Clark & Assoc.   X Windows   X Windows


Created January 5, 2010, Updated September 7, 2022