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Short Courses offered by the Sensor Science Division

The Division offers short courses in radiation thermometry, photometry, spectroradiometry, and spectrophotometry on a biennial basis. In addition, each the Division offers workshops on fixed-point cells and alternative thermometers. Attendees include NIST staff and representatives from industry, national laboratories, and other national metrology institutes.

The courses consist of lectures and skill-building, problem-solving laboratory experiments. The content of the courses typically includes the following topics: practical laboratory experiences, proper uncertainty analysis, and treatment of the measurement equation.

Spectrophotometry Short Course logo

Spectrophotometry Short Course, Dates TBD
This course covers the fundamentals of theory and practice of spectrophotometry using dispersive and Fourier-transform techniques. Evaluation of uncertainties in transmittance, reflectance, and Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) measurements is also discussed.


Photometry Short Course logo

Photometry Short Course, Dates TBD
This course covers fundamentals in photometry, radiometry, and colorimetry as well as practical aspects of measurements of luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, color temperature, and chromaticity of light sources.


Spectroradiometry Short Course logo

Spectroradiometry Short Course, Dates TBD
This course covers the fundamentals of spectroradiometry including radiometry fundamentals, radiometric properties of sources and detectors, spectroradiometric techniques, reflectance properties of materials, and handling and determination of measurement uncertainties.

Previous short courses no longer offered

ITS-90 Fixed-Point Cell Mini-Workshop logo

ITS-90 Fixed-Point Cell Mini-Workshop
The workshop covers the realization of ITS-90 fixed-point cells over the range from the mercury triple point to the zinc freezing point for the calibration of SPRTs and the development of uncertainty statements for the fixed-point cells and subsequently SPRT calibrations.



Lunar Calibration Workshop
The Lunar Calibration Workshop covers ground-based lunar observations, atmospheric monitoring for ground-based observations, and above-the-atmosphere calibrations.


MRI scan

NIST Workshop on Standards for the Advancement of Optical Medical Imaging
The NIST Workshop on Standards for the Advancement of Optical Medical Imaging covers advances in optical medical imaging with a special focus on the need for standards and proposed solutions.


Radiation Thermometry Short Course logo

Radiation Thermometry Short Course
This course covers the fundamentals of radiation physics and instrumentation associated with determining temperature from observations of thermal radiation from materials.



Selecting and Using Alternative Thermometers Mini-Workshop
The NIST Selecting and Using Alternative Thermometers Mini-Workshop covers different types of alternative thermometers, selecting the best alternative thermometer for your measurement application and uncertainty, calibrating alternative thermometers, and "in-the-field" validation methods.



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