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Fluid Metrology Calibration Services - Volume

Volume Calibrations
17010C, 17020C, and 17030C

NIST provides calibration services for metal volumetric test measures in the range from 3.8 L to 7600 L (1 gallon to 2000 gallons). The procedure used for testing volumetric test measures is to weigh the amount of pure water contained and/or delivered with reference to the graduations marked on the instrument, the volume being computed from the density of the water. The calibration uncertainty varies with the size of the test measure from 0.015% (k = 2) for the largest (7600 L) to 0.33% (k = 2) for the smallest (3.8 L). For more information about our facilities, see the NIST Special Publication 250-72.

The volumetric test measures which are accepted for calibration should be free from dents, rust, etc. Special care should be taken by the customer to insure the cleanliness of the inside of the test measures. If the test measure is equipped with a bottom drain valve, it is the customer's responsibility to insure that the valve is in proper working condition. These test measures should bear an inscription which indicates the nominal value of its volume, the thermal coefficient of expansion, an identification number, and its reference temperature. The scale plate should be legible so that the scale division can be estimated to one-fourth of a single division. NIST does not adjust scale position. The zero index or the scale should, therefore, be adjusted prior to the calibration. The slicker-plate-type volume standards should be adjusted by the manufacturer. NIST does not provide routine calibration services for glassware.

We deliver a calibration report per item tested that includes an uncertainty analysis. The uncertainty of the vessel will depend on its reproducibility and the uncertainty of the instrumentation associated with the determination of the vessel's volume.

Calibration fees for this and other services can be found in the Fee Schedule available online from the NIST Calibrations Website.

To have your test measures calibrated:

  1. Contact sherry.sheckels [at] (Sherry Sheckels) to schedule your calibration dates and to obtain estimated turn-around times;
  2. Details on ordering instructions, purchase orders, shipping, and Service ID Numbers, are available through NIST's Calibrations Website under policies for domestic customers and foreign customers.
Created April 28, 2009, Updated December 9, 2019