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Fluid Metrology Calibration Services

The Fluid Metrology Group provides calibration services in areas of:

Calibration Service Technical Contact Office Phone
Air Speed iosif.shinder [at] (Iosif Shinder) 301-975-5943
Gas Flow gina.kline [at] (Gina Kline) 301-975-4813
Special Tests john.wright [at] (John Wright) 301-975-5937
Natural Gas Flow aaron.johnson [at] (Aaron Johnson) 301-975-5954
Liquid Flow iosif.shinder [at] (Iosif Shinder) 301-975-5943
sherry.sheckels [at] (Sherry Sheckels) 301-975-5940
Liquid Density (Hydrometers) sherry.sheckels [at] (Sherry Sheckels) 301-975-5940
Liquid Volume sherry.sheckels [at] (Sherry Sheckels) 301-975-5940


Technical details regarding the calibration of instruments can be obtained by selecting the service of interest from among the list above. In addition, we provide Special Tests per customer specifications and we conduct research in flow metrology topics in support of the U.S. economy.

Calibration fees can be found in the Fee Schedule available online from the NIST Calibrations Website. An estimate of the turn-around time for a particular calibration service is available from the technical contact listed above.

Details on ordering instructions, purchase orders, shipping, and Service ID Numbers, are available through NIST's Calibrations Website under policies for domestic customers and foreign customers.


General Information

Created April 27, 2009, Updated November 25, 2019