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Robert L. Watters

Dr. Robert L. Watters, Jr. is the Associate Director of Measurement Services of the Material Measurement Laboratory. Dr. Watters is also the co-editor of the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. The NIST Measurements Services Division (MSD) provides customers with the means to obtain NIST Standard Reference Materials®Calibration Services, and Standard Reference Data.

NIST supports accurate and compatible measurements by certifying and providing over 1300 of the highest quality and metrological value Standard Reference Materials to industry, academia, and government. These materials are used to perform instrument calibrations in units as part of overall quality assurance programs, to verify the accuracy of specific measurements, and to support the development of new measurement methods.

The calibration services NIST provides help customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity. These services include dimensional, electromagnetic, ionizing radiation, mechanical, optical radiation, thermodynamic, and time and frequency calibrations.

Standard reference data are well-documented numeric data that scientists and engineers use in technical problem-solving, research, and development. These recommended values are based on data extracted from world literature that are assessed for reliability and evaluated to select preferred values.

Honor and Awards: He received the US Department of Commerce Silver Medal in 2009 and the US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal in 1999. He received the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Governing Board Citation in 1993, and was the Society for Applied Spectroscopy National Tour Speaker in 1987.


2nd Annual Tri-National Workshop on Standards for Nanotechnology - (NIST presentations)

Ronald G. Dixson, Jon R. Pratt, Vincent A. Hackley, James E. Potzick, Richard A. Allen, Ndubuisi G. Orji, Michael T. Postek, Herbert S. Bennett, Theodore V. Vorburger, Jeffrey A. Fagan, Robert L. Watters
A new era of cooperation between North American National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) was ushered by the National Research Council of Canada Institute for

Final Report of the e-SRM Committee on the Optimal Delivery of Services to Customers for Standard Reference Materials

John C. Travis, Sally S. Bruce, D J. Clarke, James R. Ehrstein, Michael S. Epstein, Daniel G. Friend, T E. Gills, Kenneth G. Inn, Larry L. Lucas, James E. Potzick, M H. Saunders, N M. Trahey, G M. Ugiansky, R M. Verkouteren, D P. Vigliotti, Robert L. Watters
The e-SRM committee was formed at the request of Technology Services (TS) to recommend ways to employ appropriate technologies to optimize the consistency
Created October 9, 2019