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The Development and Production of NIST Standard Reference Materials to Support Metrology and Traceability for the Forensic Science Community


Robert L. Watters, Nancy S. Parrish


The process for making a NIST Standard Reference Material involves a program of ongoing research followed by specific development and production steps. The decision to address a measurement problem involves consideration of the size of the intended user community, the match to NIST s mission, and the economics of recovering production costs. We describe these considerations here as they apply to all SRM projects. A specific example related to the application of an SRM to forensic science is also described; namely, the development of a new SRM for calibrating systems that measure and match bullet marking signatures.
Astm Standardization News


certification, forensic standards, measurement, metrology, reference material, standard bullet, standard reference material, standards, traceability
Created August 26, 2016, Updated February 17, 2017