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Optical physics and communications

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Optical grating scatterometry

This program aims to develop standards, methods, and modeling for assessing the periodic structures using optical reflectance and transmittance measurements.


Fiber-coupled 2 mL vacuum-gap Fabry-Perot reference cavity for laser stabilization

Charles McLemore, Naijun Jin, Megan Kelleher, Yizhi Luo, Dahyeon Lee, Yifan Liu, Takuma Nakamura, David Mason, Peter Rakich, Scott Diddams, Franklyn Quinlan
Vacuum-gap Fabry-Perot cavities are indispensable tools for vastly improving the frequency stability of lasers, with applications across a diverse range of



An electron hologram is a fringe modulated image containing the amplitude and phase information of an electron transparent object. The HolograFREE routines

Modeled integrated scatter tool (MIST)

The MIST program has been developed to provide users with a general application to model an integrated scattering system. The program performs an integration of

Tools and Instruments

Transfer spectrophotometer

A Perkin-Elmer Lambda 1050 spectrophotometer is used to complement the reference reflectance and transmittance instruments. It performs this function by