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An electron hologram is a fringe modulated image containing the amplitude and phase information of an electron transparent object. The HolograFREE routines reconstruct the amplitude and phase images allowing user control of various parameters.

Electron holography can be used to measure and observe a wide variety of electro-magnetic phenomena such as the magnetic fields in superconductors or recording media, the electric fields in pn junctions, specimen thickness, mean inner potentials of materials, dislocations, strain fields, electron microscope lens aberrations and much more.

niobium fluxon
Fluxon in Niobium at 4.5 K. The black contours represent the magnetic lines of force in this superconductor. Total phase shift corresponds to h/2e.


reconstructs electron holograms, corrects phase tilts, amplifies phase maps.

Created February 17, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016