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Department of Commerce 2017 Financial Management Conference Functional Training Breakout Session 2

Friday, May 19, 2017

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

  1. Audit Preparedness (Lecture Room A)
    • Gordon Alston - Facilitator
    • Mark Lee - OFM
    • Keila Hill - USPTO
    • Lindra David - NIST
    • Mike Van Deusen - NOAA
    • Richard Lukens - ITA
    Slides: Audit Preparedness
    Overview: The purpose of this session is for management and staff across the Department (within the Office of Secretary and the 12 Bureaus) to learn about what is involved in the execution of both performance and financial audits.
  2. Data Analytics: Information to Insight (Lecture Room D)
    Erik Edlund - CEB
    Slides: From Information to Insight - Building an Analytically Agile Organization
    Overview: While “Big Data” is quickly becoming a reality as information volumes grow, most teams are not able to capitalize on it.  Leading organizations build analytically agile teams that provide both advanced technical data analysis and judgment-driven analytic support to internal stakeholders.  Join us for a discussion-based session where we’ll review a 4-step insight generation framework. Participants will leave the session with practical tools and actionable solutions to enable more impactful insight generation.
  3. Budget Systems from Formulation to Reporting (Lecture Room B)
    • Rachel Blanco - Census
    • Kim Carpentier - NIST
    • John Longenecker - NOAA
    Slides:Overview: This session provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the different budget systems used throughout the Department for formulation, execution and reporting.  There will be an introduction to each budget system given by the subject matter expert from each of the bureaus.  The introduction will include a breakout of the data flow in/out system throughout the budget process and a review of the reports generated.  Systems/tools planned for discussion include Consolidated Budget Reporting Application (COBRA), SPEEDCALL MAX Collect, MAX, Excel, CBS, MAX Software – OMB, Financial Investment Analysis Tool (FIAT), and Discover.  Opportunity for Q&A to ensure clarity and to draw comparisons between systems and data flow.
  4. Data Act (Heritage Room)
    Mark Del Grande
    Slides: Data Act
    Overview: The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of what the DATA Act is and how the requirements of the Act are being met at Commerce.  The session will provide an overview of the different sources of data across the Department and some of the challenges the Act presents across the Government and at Commerce.  The latest updates and next steps from Treasury and OMB as it relates to the Act will be presented.  A high level presentation will show the relationship across the financial, acquisition and grant data that is submitted to the Treasury Data Act broker.
  5. FITARA (West Square)
    • Erin Cavanaugh - DOC FITARA Program Manager
    • Bob Rovinsky - Senior Advisor
    Slides: FITARA
    Overview: The purpose of the session is to provide the CFO Community knowledge about the FITARA law and requirements.  Topics covered will be accomplishments of the program since its inception, plans moving forward; how FITARA impacts the CFO community and how they can help the Department be successful in implementing FITARA.

Connecting Commerce: Communication (Sharing Best Practices Across Bureaus); Collaboration (Developing Cross Cutting Initiatives); Coordination (Establishing Deliverables for Future Outcomes); Change (Adapting to a New Environment and Transition)


Created May 1, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019