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Policy Office

The Office of Financial Resource management (OFRM) Policy Office was established to provide consistency and continuity in creating and applying OFRM policies and procedures across the organization.  Internally, it promotes comprehensive policies and procedures over OFRM operations by 1) providing oversight in developing new OFRM internal guidance, and 2) reviewing and updating the current inventory of OFRM policies (and related) documents – including guidance, procedures, and memoranda from various sources.  In addition, the office provides assistance to NIST’s Directives Review Board (DRB) by reviewing and commenting on NIST-wide policies and procedures. To aid in accomplishing this critical Mission, OFRM Policy Committee has been established in FY 2015.


The Policy Office primary program objectives include:

  • Provide consistency and continuity in the policy management environment
  • Provide clarity on document type (e.g., Policy, Guidance, Order, Procedure, and Instructional Memoranda)
  • Define standard protocols (standard operating procedures, contacts, timelines, requirements, responsible parties) for retaining, updating, and publishing documents on various systems such as the Commerce Business Systems (CBS) Portal
  • Support development of OFRM-led policies that will be applied within OFRM and/or NIST-wide
  • Help support the DRB through reviewing and commenting on new and revised NIST directives in a timely manner, in accordance with the NIST Directives Management System (DMS)




  • Policy Office
    (301) 975-4635
    100 Bureau Dr., MS 1600
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1600
Created August 29, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019