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nSoft Selected Publications



  • “pyPRISM: A Computational Tool for Liquid-State Theory Calculations of Macromolecular Materials” T. B. Martin, T. E. Gartner III, R. L. Jones, C. R. Snyder, A. Jayaraman, Macromolecules 51, 2906 (2018)
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  • “A non-invasive method to directly quantify surface heterogeneity of porous materials”, W.-S. Chiang, D. Georgi, T. Yildirim, J.-H. Chen, Y. Liu, Nature Communications 9, 784 (2018)
  • “Nanoparticle separation based on size-dependent aggregation of nanoparticles due to the critical Casimir effect”, H. Guo, G. Stan, Y. Liu, Soft Matter 14, 1311 (2018)
  • “Impact of Polymer Geometry on the Interactions of Protein-PEG Conjugates”, J. Zarzar, W. Shatz, N. Peer, R. Taing, Y. Liu, D. G. Greene, I. E. Zarraga, Biophysical Chemistry 236, 22 (2018)



  • “Quasi-Two dimensional Phase Transition of Methane Adsorbed in Cylindrical Silica Mesopores”, D. Siderius, W. Krekelberg, W.-S. Chiang, V. Shen, Y. Liu, Langmuir 33, 14252 (2017)
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  • “Kinetics of Domain Alignment in Block Polymer Thin Films during Solvent Vapor Annealing with Soft Shear: An in Situ Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Investigation” C. K. Shelton, R. L. Jones, T. H. Epps III Macromolecules 50, 5367 (2017)
  • “Simultaneous Neutron and X-ray Imaging of 3D Kerogen and Fracture Structure in Shales”, W.-S. Chiang, J. LaManna, D. Hussey, D. Jacobson, Y. Liu, J. Zhang, D. Georgi, J.-H. Chen, SPWLA 58th Annual Logging Symposium, Q (2017)
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  • “3D Core-Scale Organic and Mineral Material Characterization of Source Rocks with Simultaneous Neutron and X-ray Imaging”, W. Li, W.-S. Chiang, J. LaManna, J. Kone, J.-H. Chen and Y. Liu, Microsc. Microana. 23, 2174, (2017)


  • “Pore Size Effect of Methane Adsorption in Mesoporous Silica Materials Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering”, W.-S. Chiang, E. Fratini, P. Baglinoi, J.-H. Chen, Y. Liu, Langmuir 32, 8849 (2016)
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  •  “Reduced Domain Size and Interfacial Width in Fast Ordering Nanofilled Block Copolymer Films by Direct Immersion Annealing”, M. Longanecker, A. Modi, A. Dobrynin, S. Kim, G. Yuan, R. Jones, S. Satija, J. Bang, A. Karim Macromolecules 49, 8563 (2016)
  • “Tracking Solvent Distribution in Block Polymer Thin Films during Solvent Vapor Annealing with in Situ Neutron Scattering” C. K. Shelton, R. L. Jones, J. A. Dura, T. H. Epps III, Macromolecules 49, 7525 (2016)


  • "The Effect of Hierarchical Cluster Formation on the Viscosity of Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody Formulations Studied by Neutron Scattering", P. D. Godfrin, J. Zarzar, I. E. Zarraga, L. Porcar, P. Falus, N. J. Wagner, Y. Liu, J. Phys. Chem. B 120 (2015)
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Created March 29, 2011, Updated June 26, 2018