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2018 nSoft Annual Meeting

Co-Sponsored by Sigma Xi 

October 23-25, 2018

Room K04-A/B, NIST Center for Neutron Research , Gaithersburg, MD 20899


The nSoft Annual Meeting is a public meeting of the members of the NIST nSoft Consortium with a purpose to train members in neutron methods, review technical achievements, and discuss future opportunities. The meeting will include a day of training in rheology/scattering combinations (open only to members of nSoft), and two days devoted to the recent achievements and future planning of activities surrounding the consortium (open to all registered attendees). Starting in 2012, the current nSoft cooperative agreement which defines its existence will expire in late 2019. During this meeting, a public discussion will be focus on a proposed new agreement to continue nSoft into the next decade.


October 23, 2018 

Due to the hands-on nature of the training, attendance in the training course is limited to 2 persons/member company. Additional registrations will be allotted until course is full on a first come, first served basis in mid-September. 


Morning Training Session 

  • Introduction to Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) 
  • Brief review of required concepts in rheology and fluid flow 
  • Sample environments (RheoSANS, Dielectric RheoSANS, microRheoSANS, Capillary Flow SANS, and 1-2 Shear Cell) 
12:00pm Lunch offsite (lunch cost not included in registration) 

Afternoon Training Session

  • Hands-on Data Reduction and Analysis  
4:00pm Adjourn (Optional Happy Hour at Dogfishhead Alehouse, not provided with registration) 



October 24, 2018 


Wednesday, October 24
8:30 - Light Breakfast and Coffee
Session I - Welcome and Overviews 
9:00 – Welcoming Remarks – TBD 
9:10 – NCNR Update – Dan Neumann, Leader, Condensed Matter Science Group, NIST Center for Neutron Research
9:30 – Review of 2018 nSoft activities and achievements – Ronald Jones, nSoft 
10:15 – Coffee Break  
Session II – Updates and Highlights from nSoft 
10:30 -  rheoSANS and Flow Environments - Kathleen Weigandt, nSoft 
11:00 – Computational Models - Tyler Martin, nSoft 
11:30 – Activities in Neutron Reflectivity - Guangcui Yuan, nSoft 

12:00pm – Lunch at NIST Cafeteria (not provided in registration) 

Session III - Tours of NIST  

1:30 – Tours (Options selected during registration, tour descriptions below) 

Option 1 - The NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) - Tour focuses on the guidehall of the NCNR, with focus on the horizontal neutron reflectometer, CANDOR, the 10 meter SANS, the V-SANS, and Neutron Imaging 

Option 2 – The NIST Materials Science and Engineering Division (MSED) - Tour of capabilities spanning the soft materials segments of MSED, including additive manufacturing, membranes, and others 

Session IV – Emerging Techniques 

2:30 – Very Small Angle Neutron Scattering – TBD 

3:00 – Neutron Imaging and Phase Field Scattering – TBD 

3:30 – Polarized Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering (PR-SoXS) – Dean DeLongchamp, NIST 

Session V – Poster Session 

4:00 - Poster session featuring work from across the NIST community and collaborators 

(Light refreshments provided courtesy of Sigma Xi) 

5:30 – Depart NIST (attendees provide their own transportation)  

nSoft Banquet 
$50/person, separate registration forthcoming in early October 

6pm - 9pm 

Botanero , 800 PLEASANT DRIVE #160, ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND 20850 


October 25, Thursday

8:30am – Light breakfast and coffee (courtesy of Sigma Xi) 

Session VI - Member Highlights 

9:00 – Processing and Structure in Glass – Ling Cai, Corning 

9:30 – Structure in Protein Therapeutic Solutions – Michael Zhang, U. Delaware/Genentech 

10:00 – Complex Fluids and Neutron Scattering – Alan Nakatani, Dow DuPont 

10:30 - Coffee Break (Courtesy of Sigma Xi) 

Session VII – The Future of nSoft 

10:45 – The new nSoft Member Agreement - Ronald Jones 

11:15 – Technical focus for 2019 and beyond – Ronald Jones 

12:00 – Adjourn 



NIST Center for Neutron Research

NIST Materials Science and Engineering Division

NIST Sigma Xi

Created September 24, 2018