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2017 nSoft Annual Meeting

Meeting attendees listen to n soft director Ronald Jones

The 2017 Annual meeting of the NIST nSoft Consortium was held on October 25-26, 2017 at the NIST Center for Neutron Scattering. Participation in the meeting included researchers from member companies Amgen, Aramco North American Services, Dow Chemical, Genentech, L'Oreal, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Procter & Gamble, Regeneron, Solvay, and Toyota. Non-member companies attending included Colgate Palmolive, Chevron, Corning, Eastman Chemical, and ExxonMobil. For the first time, the meeting expanded to a 2 day event, with the first devoted to hands-on training sessions and the second day devoted to presentations and business of the consortium (Agenda below).  Member companies participated with both on-site represtantion and remotely through the nSoft webinar portal. Non-members could only participate on-site. The meeting also featured posters from research efforts across the NIST campus and ongoing collaborations. Members participated in a tour of the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology.

October 25, 2017 (Wednesday)

October 25 - Training Session I - Neutron Reflectometry - NCNR, Room K-04/A October 25 - Training Session II - Computational Approaches to Neutron Scattering - NCNR, Room K-04/B
10:30am – Charles Majkrzak – Introduction to neutron reflectometry 10:30am – Boualem Hammouda – Theoretical Concepts in Neutron Scattering of Polymers and Soft Materials
11:15am – Brian Maranville/David Hoogerheide – Tour of the neutron reflectometers (NG7 Horizontal, MAGIK, PBR, CANDOR) 11:15am – Tyler Martin – The Polymer Reference Site Interaction Model (PRISM)
12:00pm – Ron Jones – Lunch at Dogfishhead Alehouse (all attendees will go together) 12:00pm – Ron Jones – Lunch at Dogfishhead Alehouse (all attendees will go together)
1:30pm – David Hoogerheide – Sample environments and sample preparation for neutron reflectometry 1:30pm – Tyler Martin – PRISM continued
2:00pm – Brian Maranville – Models and Fitting software for neutron reflectometry 2:30pm – Susan Kreuger/Joseph Curtis – SASSIE, a computational platform and tool for scattering data prediction and interpretation
4:00pm – Ron Jones (all participants together) 4:00pm – Ron Jones (all participants together)



October 26 - nSoft Members Meeting
08:30 – Registration and Coffee
09:00 – Welcoming Remarks – Mike Fasolka, Acting Director, NIST Material Measurement Laboratory
09:15 – NCNR Update – Dan Neumann, Leader, Condensed Matter Science Group, NIST Center for Neutron Research
09:35 – Review of nSoft activities in 2017 – Ronald Jones, nSoft
10:00 – Poster Session I (coffee and light snacks)
10:30 – Advances in neutron/X-ray imaging of Shale gas deposits – Wei-Shan Chan, Aramco/University of Delaware
11:00 – Using Neutron Scattering and Gel Fracture Mechanics to advance drug delivery - John Bachert, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
11:30 – Lunch at NIST Cafeteria (Shuttle provided)
12:45 – Tour of the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST)
01:30 - The new Reference Site Interaction Model tool for modeling complex neutron scattering data - Tyler Martin, nSoft 
02:00 – Design and development of the new environmental cell for SANS/Reflectivity – Bradley Frieberg, nSoft
02:30 – Update on the NIST microRheoSANS for extreme shear of complex fluids/polymers – Kathleen Weigandt, nSoft
03:00 – Poster Session II (light snacks)
3:45 – Participant discussion – “Software Tools: Challenges in adopting NIST products for data analysis, computation, and data transfer 
4:30 – Planned priorities and updates on the consortium for 2018 – Ronald Jones, nSoft
5:00 – Wrap up and End of Meeting

Information related to visiting NIST can be found at the following page.

To attend this meeting, all visitors must meet the security requirements for the NIST campus. For details, please see the following page.

Created September 29, 2017, Updated October 27, 2017