NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)

Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge: Prize Analysis

May 03, 2018
Gregory P. Fiumara, Elham Tabassi, Patricia A. Flanagan, John D. Grantham, Kenneth Ko, Karen Marshall, Matthew Schwarz, Bryan M. Woodgate, Christopher Boehnen
In September 2017, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity held a fingerprint data collection as part of the Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge...

IREX IX Part One, Performance of Iris Recognition Algorithms

April 18, 2018
George W. Quinn, James R. Matey, Patrick J. Grother
Iris Exchange (IREX) IX is an evaluation of automated iris recognition algorithms. The first part of the evaluation is a performance test of both verification...

Criticality Analysis Process Model

April 09, 2018
Celia Paulsen, Jon M. Boyens, Nadya Bartol, Kris Winkler
In the modern world, where complex systems and systems-of-systems are integral to the functioning of society and businesses, it is increasingly important to be...