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The Who’s Who of PSCR 2022

See who’s coming to this year’s Annual Stakeholder Meeting

PSCR 2022: June 7-9; San Diego, CA;

Join the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) for their Annual Public Safety Broadband Meeting in San Diego from June 7-9! This is your chance to meet the researchers behind the publications and innovations that pull the future of public safety telecommunications forward. To learn more about a few  of the PSCR researchers attending the conference this year, explore their profiles below. Check out their staff spotlights for more about their individual work and how they’re impacting the public safety communications landscape.

Sarah Hughes, Prize Competition and Challenge Specialist

Sarah Hughes headshot

Sarah Hughes is a Prize Competition and Challenge Specialist for PSCR’s Open Innovation Team and also works extensively on the program’s commercialization efforts. At this year’s conference, Sarah will participate in multiple plenary sessions, including the PULSE Accelerator: Public Safety Technology Feedback Pitch and Merging Next Gen Tech for Incident Command Dashboards. She will also join the Public Safety Panel: Communicating Our Needs and Collaborating with Innovators discussion. Finally, she will facilitate the Advancing Tech Together: Peak Response’s Partnership with the San Francisco Fire Department fireside chat.

For more about Sarah's experience in Open Innovation and commercialization, check out her staff spotlight!

Joe Grasso, Location-Based Services Portfolio Lead

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Joe Grasso is PSCR’s Location-Based Services (LBS) Portfolio Lead and also collaborates extensively with the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) portfolio at the Public Safety Immersive Test Center in Boulder, Colorado. At this year’s conference, be sure to catch Joe at the various sessions he is participating in, including a panel discussion on Public Safety Research for Immersive Simulations and Measurements. Joe will also moderate the campfire session What’s Next for the LBS Portfolio? Check out the technology demonstrations he’s hosting, Augmented Reality Tracking Visualization and Lidar Scans for Public Safety. Finally, learn more about the foundational research Joe is conducting in the Indoor Localization System Evaluation Facility (ILSEF) on-demand session.

Chelsea Greene, Electronics Engineer

Staff Spotlight Graphic with a headshot of Chelsea Greene that reads "Staff Spotlight Electronic Engineer Chelsea Greene"

Chelsea Green is an Electronics Engineer for PSCR’s Mission-Critical Voice (MCV) portfolio. Her research focuses on Transmit Volume Optimization (TVO), where she hopes to standardize the devices that first responders need to communicate in emergency scenarios. At this year’s conference, hear all about Chelsea’s work in her on-demand session, Mission Critical Voice Quality of Experience: System Overview

For more about Chelsea’s MCV research, check out her staff spotlight!

Gary Howarth, Prize Challenge Manager

Gary Howarth is one of the Prize Challenge Managers for the NIST PSCR Tech to Protect Challenge. 
Credit: NIST

Gary Howarth is a Prize Competition Manager for PSCR’s Open Innovation Team and he also supports the Public Safety Analytics portfolio. At this year’s conference, Gary will facilitate a campfire session on The Emerging Future of AI and Analytics for Public Safety. Be sure to catch him at the Mobile Fingerprint Capture Technologies: Prototypes from the mFIT Prize Challenge technology demonstration. And finally, don’t miss Gary’s on-demand sessions on Synthetic Data: Uses and Limitations, a Practical Discussion and Automated Streams Analytics for Public Safety (ASAPS) Research Resources, which can be found on the PSCR 2022 mobile app. 

Yee-Yin Choong, Shanee Dawkins, and Kerrianne Buchanan, Visualization and Usability Group

Staff Spotlight decorate graphic that reads "Visualization and Usability Group" and lists the names and headshots of Yee-Yin Choong, Shanee Dawkins and Kerrianne Buchanan

Yee-Yin Choong, Shanee Dawkins, and Kerrianne Buchanan are members of the Visualization and Usability Group of the UI/UX. At this year’s conference, Yee-Yin and Kerianne will talk about the Survey Analyzer Tool they have developed to provide guidance for the public safety research and development (R&D) community. To learn all about it, watch the Voices of First Responders: Five-Year Journey on-demand session. 

For more about the Survey Analyzer Tool, check out their staff spotlight!

Jack Lewis, Lead Virtual Reality (VR) Developer

This image shows the text "PSCR Staff Spotlight: From Video Games to Public Safety with Jack Lewis" next to an image of a young man wearing a VR headset, with a T.V. screen depicting a fire behind him

Jack Lewis is the Lead VR Developer for PSCR’s UI/UX portfolio. At the lab, Jack leverages his passion for video game design to support the development of VR simulations for public safety. At this year’s conference, tune in to Jack’s on-demand session about the Building Large Scale Extended Reality (XR) and catch his tech demo on UI/UX XR Research

For more about Jack’s work in UI/UX, check out his staff spotlight!

Alison Kahn, Electronics Engineer

A headshot of Alison Kahn accompanied by the PSCR logo and text "Staff Spotlight "Viewing the Invisible" with Alison Kahn"

Alison Kahn is an Electronics Engineer for the MCV portfolio and also conducts research for the Public Safety Analytics portfolios. At this year’s conference, Alison will participate in a host of different sessions, including a tech demo on Quality of Experience Measurement Systems and a Mission Critical Voice Quality of Experience Panel. Finally, you can watch her on-demand  session on Mission Critical Voice Quality of Experience: Outreach and Implementation by searching for it in the PSCR 2022 mobile app.

For more about Alison’s research in augmented reality and Internet of Things, check out her staff spotlight!

Get more from the researchers you follow

These are just a handful of the researchers you can meet at PSCR 2022. To learn more about the person behind the prototype, register here! Once you’ve registered, look to your registration confirmation email for directions to download the PSCR 2022 Mobile App to watch On-Demand Sessions.

PSCR will regularly email updates to stakeholders; make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list. And head to our annual stakeholder meeting webpage for more information. 

Released May 23, 2022