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Standards Summit Pre-read Materials

CHIPS R&D Standards Summit Attendee Packet (PDF)

The attendee packet contains background information on the CHIPS for America program, helpful links related to summit logistics and programming, and the Summit Pre-read Materials. 

United States Standards Strategy (ANSI)

First published in 2000 as the National Standards Strategy for the United States (NSS), this strategy document is updated every five years to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of diverse U.S. interests and that it reflects technological advancements, industry growth areas, national and international priorities, and updates to relevant U.S. government policy. The strategy details 12 strategic initiatives that diverse stakeholders can implement to meet national and individual organizational objectives.

U.S. Government National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies

This strategy outlines how the U.S. government will strengthen U.S. leadership and competitiveness in international standards development and ensure that the “rules of the road” for critical and emerging technologies (CET) standards embrace transparency, openness, impartiality, consensus, effectiveness and relevance, coherence, and broad participation.

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Revitalizing the U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem

This report focuses on the transformative investments in R&D, startups, education, and workforce development essential to the long-term health and competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem.

U.S. Government Accountability Office, July 2022, Semiconductor Supply Chain: Policy Considerations from Selected Experts for Reducing Risks and Mitigating Shortages

This report summarizes the views of selected experts on policy options to reduce semiconductor supply chain risks and help mitigate future shortages in the U.S.

Semiconductor Industry Association and Oxford Economics, 2021, Chipping In, the Positive Impact of the Semiconductor Industry on the American Workforce and How Federal Industry Incentives Will Increase Domestic Jobs

For this study, Oxford Economics has quantified the economic contribution of the U.S. semiconductor industry by using an economic impact analysis at the national level in the U.S. This technique highlights the importance of the semiconductor industry to the U.S. economy in terms of jobs, wages, and gross domestic products (GDP).

Congressional Research Service, 2020, Semiconductors: U.S. Industry, Global Competition, and Federal Policy

This report discusses the technical challenges the semiconductor industry faces, domestic and global supply chains, secure and trusted production of semiconductors for national security, and federal policies. This report also discusses current legislation to address these concerns, including federal assistance for the domestic semiconductor industry and funding for R&D activities.

Hunt and Zwetsloot, 2020, The Chipmakers: U.S. Strengths and Priorities for the High-End Semiconductor Workforce

This report explores the composition of the talented workforce that undergirds continued U.S. leadership in the semiconductor industry and assesses workforce policy options for protecting and promoting technological competitiveness going forward.


Created August 9, 2023, Updated September 22, 2023