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Standards Summit Overview

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  • To identify strategic standards priorities in driving innovation, increasing value and efficiency, and speeding lab to market across the semiconductor and microelectronics sector.
  • To identify opportunities for innovation in standards development, including incubators and accelerators that enable standards at the pace of innovation, broaden opportunities for participation, and provide educational and training opportunities.
  • To identify approaches for enabling a diverse, standards-capable workforce that can meet the needs of a vibrant semiconductor and microelectronics sector.
  • To engage the semiconductor and microelectronics community in the launch of the CHIPS R&D Standards Program and build an energized network of stakeholders prepared to lead on strategic standards initiatives.


  • All Day 2 breakout sessions will feature pre-assigned participants to ensure each breakout group contains a representative sample of participants with different technical backgrounds. Given that breakout groups will not be aligned with a specific research interest, the facilitation approach and discussion prompts will be consistent across all Day 2 breakout sessions.
  • The Summit Organizing Committee will define the optimal mix of participants to recruit across private industry, standards setting organizations, academia, and government during planning activities.


  • Strategic Standards Priorities – Topics
  • Standards Priority Areas – Scoping
  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • Diverse, Standards-Capable Workforce
  • Pre-Standards Research
  • Stakeholder Networking
Created August 9, 2023, Updated September 15, 2023