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Summit Logistics

  • What is the deadline to register for the CHIPS R&D Standards Summit?
    • Registration for the CHIPS R&D Standards Summit will close at 11:59 pm ET on September 19, 2023. Please register before this deadline. If you can no longer register or access the registration link, please contact Pauline Truong at pauline.truong [at] (pauline[dot]truong[at]nist[dot]gov) or (301) 975-3258 for assistance.
  • What information will I need to submit when I register?
    • The registration form will ask participants for their names, contact information, and current organizations. The registration form will also allow participants to indicate virtual or in-person attendance.
  • Is there a cost to register?
    • For in-person attendance, the registration cost is $41. There is no registration fee to register as a virtual attendee.
  • Are there pre-read materials to review before attending the summit?
    • Pre-read materials are available to review before attending the summit. We recommend reviewing each document, as they will help participants understand the summit’s goals and objectives. You can access the suggested materials on the Summit Pre-read Materials page on the summit website.
  • How will breakout groups be assigned?
    • Breakout groups will be pre-assigned before the beginning of the summit. Your name badge and materials will also indicate your assigned group. Breakout groups will foster collaboration between participants in various organizations and with different backgrounds, expertise, and experience.
  • Will the breakout group assignments be the same for the entire day?
    • Yes. To encourage collaboration and the ability to revisit previous conversation topics, breakout groups will be the same for the conference’s duration. Breakout groups will discuss and expand on several topic areas throughout the day and build on within their designated group.
  • What is the agenda for Day 1 and Day 2?
    • Summit Day 1 will establish a base understanding of the conference’s objectives. Day 1 will consist of only plenary sessions, which include informational presentations and time for Q&A. Summit Day 2 will dive deeper into the topics discussed on Day 1 in the form of smaller breakout sessions. During these breakout groups, we encourage participants to identify pathways for standards development initiatives and use learnings in the plenary sessions to brainstorm future activities for the CHIPS R&D Office. You can find the full agenda on the Standards Summit Agenda page on the summit website.
  • If I can attend only one of the days, is there a recommendation for which one to prioritize?
    • While we hope all participants can attend both days, we leave the choice up to you. Day 1 will provide an educational foundation of the current focus and setback for CHIPS standards. During Day 2, individuals will brainstorm ideas for standards development progress in smaller groups for meaningful discussion.
  • What are the expectations for attendees during the summit?
    • During the summit, we hope participants respect one another, actively listen, and ask questions to further the conversation. Participants may be as involved as they would like, but we encourage you to provide your expertise and input. If you have questions regarding social expectations, please refer to the NIST Code of Conduct
  • Will there be opportunities to network with attendees?
    • An important part of this conference is the networking opportunities. There will be opportunities to interact with your peers during plenary and breakout sessions as well as multiple structured networking opportunities. These opportunities are on the event agenda here.
  • Will the plenary and breakout room sessions be recorded?

    • We are unable to share recordings and slides from the summit. There will be a published report towards the end of the year summarizing discussions and recommendations from the summit. 

In-Person Participants

  • Will there be a hotel block for the event?
    • There is not a hotel block for this event. You can find the information for the Capital Hilton here or review rates at other hotels in the area. 
  • What is the dress code for the summit?
    • We ask that our attendees dress in business casual clothing at the summit.
  • When can attendees check in for the summit?
    • In-person participants may check in on Monday, September 25, from 5 pm to 7 pm and Tuesday, September 26, beginning at 7:30 am. Virtual participants do not need to check in early but may log on a few minutes before the conference starts.
  • Are there any recommended items that attendees should bring with them to the summit?
    • For a successful conference, we recommend that attendees bring a way to take notes and business cards for networking.
  • How should I notify meeting organizers if my plans change and I want to switch from in-person to virtual participation?
    • We understand that plans change, and some events are out of your hands. If you would like to move to the online program from the in-person program or can no longer attend, please contact Pauline Truong at pauline.truong [at] (pauline[dot]truong[at]nist[dot]gov) for assistance.
  • Will there be refreshments at the summit?
    • Registration includes all-day coffee, tea, and bottled beverages. You can find additional options for restaurants in the area here.

Virtual Participants

  • What virtual event platform will attendees use to participate in the summit?
    • The summit will be hosted and operated through the platform BlueJeans. We recommend that virtual participants allocate time to join the meeting before the start of the conference to ensure time for troubleshooting, if necessary.
  • How will virtual attendees participate in breakout sessions?
    • Virtual participants will have a chat capability in both the plenary and breakout sessions. Much like the in-person attendees, every virtual participant will have a predetermined breakout session where they will participate in conversation and ask questions.
  • If I can only attend certain sessions, can I leave and rejoin the summit on both days?
    • Participants may leave and rejoin sessions throughout the conference. When rejoining the conference, please use the same email address as the one provided upon registration.
  • Who should I contact if I have trouble accessing the virtual event platform during the summit?
    • If you encounter difficulties accessing the summit's virtual event platform, please contact NIST conference services at avservices [at] (avservices[at]nist[dot]gov) for assistance.


Created August 24, 2023, Updated September 27, 2023