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Marc Allard - GenomeTrakr database:  WGS network for foodborne pathogen traceback  ( view presentation )

Willian Klimke - NCBI Pathogen Detection: Facilitating Traceback and Outbreak Investigation of Pathogen Genome Sequences in Real-Time Using an Automated SNP Clustering Analysis Pipeline ( view presentation)

Jason G. Kralj - Candidate Reference Material 8376 Mixed Microbial DNA ( view presentation)

Nancy J. Lin - Yeast Cells as a Candidate Reference Material to Support Training in On-Site Biological Agent Sampling and Detection ( view presentation )

Alexa McIntyre - Benchmarking and ensemble approaches for metagenomic classification ( view presentation)

Tim Mercer - Representing Microbe Communities with Synthetic DNA Spike-Ins ( view presentation)

James Pettengill -  Segal's Law and the perils of foodborne pathogen detection within the American Gut Project  ( view presentation )

Heike Sichtig - FDA's Role in Building the ID NGS Diagnostic Toolkit  ( view presentation )

Shanmuga Sozhamannan -  Next Gen Sequencing based Blodefense Assays: The Need for Standardized Alternate Reference Materials  ( view presentation )

Scott Tighe - Technical Strategies for Oxford Nanopore Sequencing and Rapid Pathogen Detection and Biosurveillance  ( view presentation )

Ruth E. Timme - Bacterial benchmark datasets for comparison and validation of phylogenomic pipelines  ( view presentation )

Created March 9, 2018, Updated April 4, 2018