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Grading policy

Final grade is only assigned for students taking the credit for this course.


Three Quizzes

They are all open-book take-home quizzes.



100 points each (10% each, total 30%)

There will be three quizzes. Each focuses on different parts of the course although there could be still some overlap of the content covered by each quiz. The exact date will be announced at the first lecture of the semester.


Homework will be assigned every week except the week having a quiz.


Typically 100 points each (total 70%)

Homework is assigned typically at the end of the second lecture each week. There will be no homework for a week having a quiz. Total points of each homework may vary. The points gained from all homework account for 70% of the final score.



100*30% +  100*70% = 100 points




Homework will be considered for full points only if they are turned in on or before the due day. If it is turned in at or before the first lecture after the due day, this homework will only be graded to 75% of the full points. Any late homework after this will be graded zero. Exceptions could be made for cases with reasonable causes. But students must discuss this with the instructor before the due day.

Collaboration and Working together on Homework and Other Individual Assignments

Students are encouraged to discuss the homework and other assignments together. But you have to work on them independently. Identical copies of homework may be flagged and not be accepted. It is a plagiarism to copy identical sentences from other materials directly without proper quotation and citation.


For students who take credit for this course, it is important for you to attend the class as many lecture contents are based on the instructor’s own lecture notes. However, in the event that a class must be missed due to an illness or other academic reasons, a reasonable effort should be made to notify the instructor in advance of the class. If a student is absent on a day when a test is scheduled, he or she should notify the instructor in advance.


Created July 1, 2021, Updated July 13, 2021