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Q: Who can register to the course for credit?

We have received a very large number of registrations since opening registration. Due to finite resources, we are thus sorry to have to decide that the course for credit will be only offered to people from North America. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Yun Liu.

Q: Who can register for this course?

Anyone who is interested in using neutron scattering to study soft matter materials.

Q: How will the lecture and homework be handled?

Lecture will be given using ZOOM (tentative plan). Homework will be given and submitted electronically.

Q: How will quizzes be conducted?

The current plan is that students will be given 1 day to finish each quiz. Each quiz will be posted on the website on the day of a quiz. And after finishing the quiz, the students should submit the quiz electronically before the deadline.

Q: Will I have a final grade for this course?

If a student takes this as a credit course at his/her home university, a grade will be provided to the responsible faculty at the home university. The final grade of a student will be given by the responsible faculty. Upon a request, all details of the grades, including homework and each quiz, will be provided to the responsible faculty.

For students taken this course as credit, but not as a credit course at their home university, we will not provide the grades to the school. In this case, the student will be given the grade directly.

For students taken this course as audit, no final grades will be given.

Created July 1, 2021, Updated August 2, 2021