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CHRNS Organization Chart


  • Dan Neumann, Director, PI
  • Julie Borchers, Associate Director, co-PI
  • Joe Dura, Education and Outreach Director

Macromolecule and Microstructural Science Team (SANS)

  • Paul Butler (team leader)
  • CHRNS Ultra-Small Angle Neutron Scattering (uSANS) – Markus Bleuel
  • CHRNS Very Small Angle Neutron Scattering (vSANS) – Elizabeth Kelley, Yun Liu, Kathryn Krycka, Ryan Murphy and Cedric Gagnon

Structure and Dynamics of Materials Team (inelastic scattering and diffraction)

  • Craig Brown, co-PI (and team leader)
  • CHRNS Multi-Angle Crystal Spectrometer (MACS) - Yiming Qiu and Jose Rodriguez
  • CHRNS High-Flux Backscattering Spectrometer (HFBS) - Madhusudan Tyagi
  • CHRNS Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer (NSE) - Antonio Faraone and Michihiro Nagao

User Services Team (sample environment and labs)

  • Yamali Hernandez, co-PI (and team leader)
  • Sample Environments and Labs - Tanya Dax, Sergiy Gladchenko, Donna Kalteyer, Juscelino Leão, Yegor Vekhov and Alan Ye

Neutron Polarization (Dan Neumann, supervisor)

  • 3He Spin Filters – Shannon Watson and Hannah Burrall

Surfaces and Interfaces Team (Reflectometry)

  • Chuck Majkrzak, co-PI (and team leader)
  • CHRNS CANDOR – Alex Grutter, David Hoogerheide and Brian Maranville



Created April 28, 2017, Updated February 24, 2020