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Controlling Microfluidic Cell Cultures

NIST has taken advantage of recent technological advances to develop polymer microfluidic cell culture systems that provide a level of control over the cellular


Current Nanomaterials Toxicity Testing Needs and Use of New Approach Methodologies Among Selected U.S. Federal Agencies

Elijah Petersen, Patricia Ceger, Jayme Coyle, David Allen, Raymond Derk, Natalia Garcia-Reyero, John Gordon, Nicole Kleinstreuer, Joanna Matheson, Danielle McShan, Bryant C. Nelson, Anil Patri, Liying Rojanasakul, Abhilash Sasidharan, Louis Scarano, Xiaoqing Chan
Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, surface coatings, and compositions, and often possess novel or enhanced properties