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2017 Workshop Presentations

September 11-12, 2017


Application of Phase Field and CALPHAD methods to Additive Manufacturing in IN625,  Trevor Keller, Greta Lindwall, NISTf

First-principles thermodynamics of oxidation in Ni, Ti and Zr  alloys, Anton van der Ven, University California of Santa Barbara 

Developing Ti-Al-V-O Diffusion Mobility Descriptions for Additive Manufacturing Applications,  Greta Lindwall, Kil-won Moon, NIST

The Development of thermodynamic and kinetic databases for Ti/TiAl Alloys, H. Larsson, Thermo-Calc, KTH)

A new atomic mobility data for cemented carbides: development and application”  (Y. Du,  University of South Central China)

Diffusion Mobility Optimization (L. Höglund, KTH)

Interdiffusion in the Ni-Re System: Evaluation of Uncertainties (W. Boettinger, NIST/Theiss Research)

On Off-Diagonal Terms in Atomic Mobility Matrix and Onsager Reciprocal Relation,   Zi-Kui Liu, Penn State

Analysis of Co-based Diffusion Couples for the Development of a  Co-based Diffusion Mobility Database,  Kil-won Moon, Greta Lindwall, Carelyn Campbell, Peisheng Wang, Ursula Kattner, NIST)

The  application of the new Mg mobility database in studying solidification and precipitation modeling of Mg alloys  (Jiashi Miao, J-C Zhao, A Luo, Ohio State University

Solute transport database in Mg using ab initio and exact diffusion theory, Ravi Agarwal, Dallas Trinkle, U. Illinois

Accessible Diffusion Data, Carelyn Campbell and Greta Lindwall, NIST.


Created October 30, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019