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TRC Overview

TRC - Thermodynamics Research Center OVERVIEW

The BRIEF History -- then was then

  • FOUNDED in 1942 by NBS (Now NIST). First USERS: the American Petroleum Institute
  • Initial GOAL: hydrocarbon database to support refinery development activities
  • Chemical Manufacturers Association requested EXTENDED range of chemical data
  • OUTPUT - Data Tables in book format, updated and reprinted quarterly


Today's TRC - keeping up and forging ahead

  • USERS: a growing global community of industrial, simulation, academic, and other government agency partnerships.
  • GOAL: provide dynamic data evaluation using published experimental data, predicted values and optional user supplied data.
  • EXTENDED means and methods of rapid compilation aided by NIST-developed software tools to seek, capture, and evaluate data.
  • OUTPUT: electronic data repository currently encompassing five MILLION critically evaluated properties of 24,000 pure compounds, PLUS 40,000 binary mixtures, 5,500 chemical reactions and 11,000 ternary systems. Updated continuously. Certain TRC databases are available for purchase through the NIST SRD Database program. Additionally other useful databases are free and accessible via the TRC Homepage
  • TRC Process - How data capture and dissemination works

    Impacts on The Chemical Industry

    Impacts on Science - Validity

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Created June 27, 2013, Updated January 12, 2017