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Products and Services

The Applied Chemicals and Materials Division provides a number of data products, calibration services, and educational programs.

The Charpy Machine Verification Program serves customers by providing means to evaluate the performance of impact test machines used worldwide to qualify structural steels.

The Cryogenic Flow Calibration Program provides calibration of flow meters at cryogenic conditions.

The Metrology Education Program provides short courses suited to the needs of students from various sectors of the scientific and technical community.  Our comprehensive courses contain lecture and lab sessions that cover a large swath of a field or sub-discipline.

The Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP) provides the most accurate thermophysical property models for a variety of industrially important fluids and fluid mixtures, including accepted standards.

The ThermoData Engine provides critically-evaluated thermodynamic and transport property data using the SOURCE database - a dynamically curated database established at NIST.



Created February 10, 2017, Updated February 23, 2017