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TRC impact

Impact on Chemical Manufacturing

21st Century Challenge: Chemical industry requires flexible, high-fidelity models for extremely specific chemicals with a minimum of costly development time.

Partnerships: Partnerships with leading simulation and modeling companies provide the best of comprehensive data products. Evolving chemical modeling systems backed by NIST's data repository and evaluation software significantly increases the complexity of chemical simulations.

TRC Aspen Tech

 "Aspen Plus"

Customers - the numbers grow. Over 90,000 customers since 2009 from petrochemical, specialty chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.  

Impact on Science: Validity

  • Data quantity is increasing rapidly (for thermodynamics = doubling/decade)
  • 20% of published thermodynamic data contains such errors as typos, mislabeling, etc.)
  • In collaboration with Elsevier, Springer, and ACS editors, NIST now evaluates all data before approval for publication

TRC enables researchers at every stage

  • does data exist?
  • how does new data compare?
  • what is the uncertainty?
  • where are the measurement gaps?
Created June 27, 2013, Updated September 21, 2016