Fluid Characterization Group

The Fluid Characterization Group performs experimental research important to industry to understand how the composition of fluids, especially complex fluids, relates to chemical and physical properties with the ultimate goal of property calculation from composition; covers fluids ranging from nonpolar hydrocarbons (such as conventional fuels) to highly polar solvents and additives (including alternative fuels); applies, extends and performs resea

We cover nonpolar, polar, dipolar aprotic, and aqueous fluids that may consist of one component, or many thousands of components. Our measurements extend over wide ranges of temperature, pressure and composition. We apply our instrumentation to technically important fluids (fuels, working fluids, etc.) that are critical to industry. All of our work is closely integrated with the activities of the Properties of Fluids Group (which develops thermodynamic and transport property models for fluid properties), and the Thermodynamics Research Center, (which develops the largest thermophysical property databases). Our efforts are leveraged by collaboration with universities, industry consortia, and standards organizations. 

In addition to providing the Division's analytical chemistry laboratoryNMR laboratory (nuclear magnetic resonance), and calibration facility, the Group's  provides state-of-the-art Metrology Education Programs. Our research activities are in three main areas.

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