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Samantha Miller (Fed)

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Sam Miller initially joined NIST as graduate student through an NSF fellowship.

Her fellowship work assisted the refinement of a novel method for the measurement of vapor liquid equilibria at high pressures using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Using this novel method to measure the composition of natural gas mixtures led to the improvement of key modeling software regularly used by the energy and gas industry.

Once Dr. Miller finished her graduate studies at Colorado State University, which focused on using exchange spectroscopy NMR to study single hydrogen exchange in reverse micelles, she joined the materials measurement laboratories as a post-doctoral researcher. Her continued focus on NMR spectroscopy allows her to study ion pairing phenomena, 3D printing resins, and electrosynthesis reactions for the development of broadband microwave microfluidic spectroscopy.



Samantha L. Miller*, Benjamin P. Wiebenga-Sanford, Christopher D. Rithner, and Nancy E. Levinger Nanoconfinement Raises the Energy Barrier to Hydrogen Atom Exchange between Water and Glucose” Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2021), 125, 3354-3373

Samantha L. Miller* and Nancy E. Levinger “Urea disrupts AOT reverse micelle structure at low temperatures” Langmuir (2022), 38, 24, 7413-7421

Alexandra A. Koegel, Iain H. Oswald, Chuy Riviera, Samantha L. Miller*, M. Jewels Fallon, Timothy R. Prisk, Craig M. Brown, James R. Neilson. “Influence of Dimensionality on Methylammonium Dynamics in 2D Ruddlesden-Popper Hybrid Perovskites” Chemistry of Materials (2022)


2022- Front Range Industry and Post Doc Summit Best Elevator Pitch

2021- National Science Foundation INTERN fellow

2021- PANIC Student travel grant awardee

2019- PANIC Student travel grant awardee

2016- ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

2014- Richter Summer Scholar


Created August 18, 2021, Updated July 13, 2023