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Jennifer Berry (Fed)

Research Chemist

Dr. Jennifer Berry received a B.S. in Chemistry and Environmental Science from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado. Her graduate studies focused on developing chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS) to measure organic nitrogen in different atmospheres, ranging from ablated pharmaceutical tablets for mass spectral mapping to detecting pre-biotic compounds in exoplanetary atmospheres. She joined the Fluid Characterization Group in 2020 as a research chemist and is working to develop forensic techniques. Her current main project is analyzing authentic breath samples from cannabis users with Cannabis Respiratory Aerosols and Volatiles Exploration (CRAVE) project as a part of the Chemical Foundations for a Cannabis Breathalyzer program. During her first few years at NIST, she work on a NIJ funded project to develop dynamic vapor microextraction (DVME) for the extraction and concentration of ignitable liquids from fire debris. Dr. Berry has played multiple roles (President, Events Chair, etc.) in Boulder Postdoctoral and Early-Career Association of Researchers (PEAR), is a PEAR Accolades Chair, and continues to help organize the Front Range Industry and Postdoc Summit.


2022 - NIST Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) Collaboration and Teamwork Award

2019 - CIRES Environmental Chemistry Division Best Student Paper Award

2019 & 2017 - ATOC ESSS Poster Conference Best Poster Presentation in Atmospheric Chemistry category

2018 - 2019 - CIRES Graduate Student Research Award

2018 - American Geophysical Union (AGU) Outstanding Student Presentation Award

2018 - CU Department of Chemistry Fellowship

2018 - CU Research and Innovation Week Top Poster Presenter

2016 - NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

2015 - ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

2014 - Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship Award

2014 - U of M Program in International & Comparative Studies Arctic Internship Fellowship

2014 - Individual Academic Enrichment Funding from the U of M Program in the Environment Department

2014 - U of M Department of Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship


The need for multicomponent gas standards for breath biomarker analysis

Kavita Jeerage, Jennifer Berry, Jacolin Murray, Cassie Goodman, Paulina Piotrowski, Christina Jones, Christina Cecelski, Jennifer Carney, Katrice Lippa, Tara Lovestead
Exhaled breath is a non-invasive, information-rich matrix with the potential to diagnose or monitor disease, including infectious disease. Despite significant
Created September 29, 2020, Updated August 15, 2023