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Hazardous Waste Training Provided to Meet Compliance


Hale Performance Coatings, Inc., has been in business for 95 years. The company began in 1929 and has been serving the Toledo region's manufacturing economy ever since. This family business is now in its third generation of ownership and has expanded their services to serve a 350-mile target base, even serving the international community in Canada. The company provides surface finishing services to ferrous and non-ferrous metals for various commercial industries. The company has developed the largest capacity molds and specialty tooling worldwide.

The Challenge

As a producer and shipper of hazardous waste, Hale Performance Coatings must ensure that employees are consistently trained on hazardous waste regulations and procedures. This process includes certifying employees involved in managing and shipping hazardous waste every three years. Positions requiring this training include waste handlers, maintenance personnel, lab employees, loading dock workers and shipping clerks. Hale turned to CIFT, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, for assistance with the training.
I found the staff incredibly easy to work with while having expert guidance on the process. Thank you for the very PROFESSIONAL help!
— Mike Deye, Manager

MEP's Role

CIFT worked with Clevenger Compliance Training and Consulting to provide the actual training. Hale Performance Coatings benefitted in many ways. First, in confirming the company's commitment to the environment and neighborhood, this training will greatly aid to ensure all hazardous waste is being handled correctly and in full compliance with government regulations. Secondly, this work will help Hale Performance by constantly working to reduce hazardous waste and generate smaller waste streams.  Third, this project will reduce overall chemical costs by creating a greater understanding by all employees at Hale Performance.
Created May 1, 2024