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Growing Success: How Green Dirt Farm Had A Marketing Plan And Feasibility Study That Transformed Their Future

With the help of: Missouri Enterprise


Green Dirt Farm, founded in 2002 by the passionate Sarah Hoffmann, embodies a steadfast commitment to sustainable, high-quality food. Nestled just outside of Kansas City in Weston, Missouri, the farm specializes in producing dairy from grass-fed sheep, with a profound belief in the well-being of their animals as the cornerstone of exceptional products. Despite initial challenges, Sarah's dedication led to the farm's first year of commercial cheese production in 2008, marking the beginning of numerous awards and recognitions for their artisan cheeses. Today, Green Dirt Farm not only produces award-winning cheeses but also offers experiences like cafe visits, tours, and events, all rooted in commitment to sustainable farming practices and community support.

The Challenge

Green Dirt Farm, a distinctive sheep dairy, recognized its rarity within the United States and understood the necessity of expanding its operations for sustainable economic growth. Recognizing the need to innovate, the farm sought to explore additional product offerings to diversify its market presence. With a focus on addressing consumer needs, Green Dirt Farm identified bottled sheep milk as a potential venture, particularly appealing to individuals with lactose intolerance. After consulting with Missouri Enterprise, part of the MEP National Network™, it was agreed that conducting a feasibility study and crafting a marketing plan would provide crucial insights into the resources and strategies required to introduce bottled sheep milk to the market.
We are very grateful for the help from Missouri Enterprise and happy to have been rewarded a grant because of the help that they gave us.
— Sarah Green, Executive Director

MEP's Role

Missouri Enterprise is the perfect solution for manufacturing companies like Green Dirt Farm. Missouri Enterprise developed and assisted with implementing a feasibility study and marketing plan that allowed Green Dirt Farm to manage the growth and development of its business.

First, there was an initial assessment between Missouri Enterprise and Green Dirt Farm to discuss goals, plans, and processes for the future. After discussing details, Missouri Enterprise was able to form these plans. Green Dirt Farm then established that this new business venture was possible and has since provided success to their business. Leveraging the outcomes of this project, Green Dirt Farm has successfully applied for and secured grants, driving further growth and advancement in its operations
Created April 16, 2024