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Missouri Enterprise was founded in 1983 and our mission is simply “To Help Missouri Manufacturers, like you, Succeed”. To do that, we provide a broad range of hands-on business, technical and manufacturing optimization services, delivered by an experienced, “been there, done that,” staff and a comprehensive network of public and private partners. We help Missouri manufacturers build cultures to support strategic growth and sustain continuous improvement.

There are several characteristics that distinguish Missouri Enterprise. Most importantly, for Missouri Enterprise clients is the “Hands-On” implementation assistance that is integral to our service delivery. We don’t just hold a training class or perform an assessment, provide you with a report or a list of recommendations and then move to other companies. When we help manufacturing businesses, like yours, we become an extension of your staff and we are with you every step of your journey to excellence. Missouri Enterprise specialists have an average of nearly 30 years manufacturing experience and are strategically positioned across the state. Missouri Enterprise…your partner in manufacturing.

Like the guidance we provide to our manufacturing clients, we also place a high value on instilling a culture of continuous improvement within our own organization.  Since 2009, we have been registered as an ISO9001 company and maintained the integrity of our business management system to assure we drive value to our manufacturing clients.

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Success Stories


Reported Year
Because of their unique talents and skillsets, ThermAvant’s founders were brought together by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop thermal solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications. This team of innovative technology leaders was destined to succeed, as evidenced by the company’s incredibly rapid growth, exceeding 50% per

SteinzerZ is a Small Town Metal Cutting and Fab Shop With Big-Time ISO Capabilities

Reported Year
Always on the lookout for ways to do things better and faster, SteinerZ needed to standardize their production processes to streamline their operation from the shop floor to the top floor. They wanted to implement the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for two reasons - to strengthen their company culture with a structured system for production, and to open


Reported Year
With innovation, quality and service as their main goals, Diode Dynamics must maximize efficiency and minimize waste to compete successfully. The company was growing so quickly, they needed to bring stability to their production processes and minimize costly mistakes and errors that impacted margins and impeded growth. They knew implementing ISO
Created March 18, 2019, Updated October 2, 2021