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TechSolve Aids CTG in Ceating Capacity to Handle 100% Increase in Demand


Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies and garment dispensing and return machines available today. CTG is a trailblazer in the cleaning industry and is responsible for many of the inventions in cleaning technologies throughout the years such as developing a drum washer for the cleaning industry (over 90 years ago), providing ultrasonic power to a 1,000-gallon tank, and developing multi-stage cleaning systems using automated material handling, to name a few. 

The Challenge

CTG, a TechSolve client, in Cincinnati, Ohio, was faced with the challenge of increasing their garment machine output from an average of 30 machines to 80 machines per month in order to meet the forecasted growth in demand from their customer.
Our team went into this lean initiative with TechSolve with a goal of increasing our monthly equipment production capacity by two and a half times over the next 12 months. The end result was hitting that goal in less than 3 months and improving our manufacturing efficiency by almost 60% in that same timeframe. To say that we are satisfied with our decision to partner with TechSolve is the understatement of the decade.
— Chris Whittaker, President of Ransohoff Garment Division

MEP's Role

To address this challenge, TechSolve, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, first performed lean simulation training to introduce CTG employees to the eight wastes and lean tools. Next, a current and then future state value stream map were developed to help plan what the future process needed to look and perform like in order to meet the increased demand.  A plant layout was developed and the operation was moved into a new facility.

The new operation was laid out according to the future state value stream map and plant layout that the CTG employees developed. CTG's demonstrated capacity increased from an average of 30 machines per month to 55 machines per month, with a theoretical capacity of 80 machines per month to meet forecasted demand. 

By implementing these lean principles and streamlining the assembly process, TechSolve has enabled CTG to better serve their customer, reduce production costs, and increase profitability. The continued collaboration between CTG and TechSolve will ensure that CTG maintains its position as a leader in garment machine manufacturing, delivering high-quality products and efficient processes to their customers.
Created April 29, 2023