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Scaling From Bakery to Manufacturer


The Killer Brownie Company is a fast growing food manufacturer located in Miamisburg, Ohio. For over 40 years, they have been crafting decadent, gourmet brownies that have inspired a cult following from coast to coast.   

The Challenge

The Killer Brownie Company originated out of a small bakery inside a specialty grocery store in Dayton, Ohio. Demand for their gourmet brownies has surged in recent years. Killer Brownie needed a strategic plan to scale up production, improve operational efficiency and address their workforce development needs.
With the goal of reducing changeover times and increasing throughput, FastLane’s expertise helped us look at our packaging process in a different way. Their guidance increased our line output by 50%.
— Matt Tye, Packaging Operations Manager

MEP's Role

FastLane, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, worked with Killer Brownie to determine the strategic and tactical needs to support their aggressive operations scale-up. FastLane collaborated with CIFT, the expert food industry resource within the Ohio MEP, to provide both technical and strategic advising to develop a 3-year investment roadmap to increase operations efficiency and provide a workforce development plan. FastLane also evaluated their production process and recommended adding an additional piece of equipment to the line, resulting in improved efficiency and change over time.
Created February 2, 2024