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Project Management Fundamentals Training


Joseph Machine Company of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, manufactures equipment for cutting and fabricating extrusions, specialized equipment for window and door production and CNC equipment for machining aluminum, PVC, fiberglass, and composite extrusions. Automation, reliability and customer service have defined Joseph’s products since 1986. Joseph Machine Company serves industries including window and door, lighting, transportation, renewable power, aluminum extrusion, and automotive.

The Challenge

Joseph Machine introduced a new business intelligence function tasked with several strategic and tactical responsibilities. Recognizing that balancing the company’s long-term initiatives with short-term demands would be essential to the new role’s success, leadership enlisted MANTEC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, to provide training in this skillset.

This course came at the perfect time, and the instructor and content could not have been more appropriate. As a result, I am better equipped to identify and manage stakeholder expectations, maintain a disciplined communication cadence, right-size solutions to customer requirements, facilitate a team of indirect project contributors, and manage capacity to avoid over-committing. By applying these best practices, I am more able to gain the support needed to deliver impactful results on-time, even when I don’t have direct control over the work being done. We’re grateful to have Kent Keller and the MANTEC team in our corner as a key resource for training and advice over the past 10+ years of our growth.

— Douglas Keith, Business Intelligence Analyst

MEP's Role

MANTEC developed a dynamic course integrating theory with practical tools for project management fundamentals and enrolled Joseph Machine leadership. This initiative aimed to equip attendees with skills and knowledge essential for adopting a culture of streamlined project workflows. By instilling these fundamentals, Joseph Machine sought to improve communication and planning, thereby reducing re-work and increasing the probability of project success. Through MANTEC’s expertise, Joseph Machine’s participants were empowered to navigate projects with enhanced precision and strategic expertise, thereby driving the organization towards greater success.

Created April 4, 2024