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Picking Area Error Reduction Efforts Successful at Diamondback Automotive Accessories


Diamondback Automotive accessories is located at 354 Enterprise Drive in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.  Diamondback currently employs a staff of 117 manufacturing load-bearing pick-up truck covers and accessories, which are used primarily by outdoor enthusiasts.

The Challenge

Diamondback has experienced rapid growth at their Phillipsburg facility - a 25% increase in 2020 was followed by 45% growth in 2021. However, even as the company enjoyed the rapid growth Diamondback also experienced an increase in customer complaints. The main reason for customer dissatisfaction was errors in picking the right parts to be shipped along with the truck cover. Greater than 2% of orders shipped contained picking errors. For help Diamondback turned to IMC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™. 

The results of this project far exceeded my expectations. Every minute and every dollar spent with IMC’s Jeff Kopenitz has resulted in tremendous returns. With IMC’s help, we are achieving our mission of being a company that people love to buy from.

— Gerald Gardner, Quality Manager

MEP's Role

IMC's Continuous Improvement Expert Jeff Kopenitz facilitated training with a dedicated team of Diamondback employees, focusing on the errors in the picking areas. Over the course of eight days of on-site facilitation plus off-site coaching, Jeff guided the team through the use of various lean tools such as A3 thinking, PDCA cycles, DMAIC projects, FEMAs and coaching katas.

As a result of these efforts, manufacturing communications improved and key parts visualization was enhanced using shadow boards. The team enhanced labeling, deployed equipment such as scales, and improved many other processes. In one year, the picking errors percentage dropped from 2.29% to 1.29%. Diamondback is well on their way to achieving the next target goal of less than 1%.

Created April 5, 2023, Updated April 12, 2023