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Partnerships Help Plas-Tech Grow


Located in Garner, Iowa, Plas-Tech Tooling Inc. was established in 1993 by Dean and Marcia Sonquist. In addition to providing injection mold building and repair, they are also a full-service machine shop with 33 full-time workers.

The Challenge

Over the last several years Plas-Tech engaged with CIRAS, part of the MEP National Network™, on several projects to build upon their capabilities and capacities in order to position themselves for growth opportunities. With that foundation they were in need of developing a stronger digital presence.
We knew we wanted to continue to grow, and we knew there were steps we needed to take to make that happen. We tried doing several things on our own, like marketing. But it took too much time away from our core business. We decided to stick to what we do best and leave other things to experts. That’s where CIRAS came in.
— Dean Sonquist, Owner

MEP's Role

CIRAS brought together a team of experts to help Plas-Tech develop both strategic marketing and digital marketing strategies. The strategic marketing plan helped the company understand their target markets and the messages that would resonate with customers. The digital marketing strategy was developed next and focused on the best way to deliver those messages, including a new website with targeted keywords, relevant content, and enhanced ease of use to draw in and convert more website visitors into clients. 
Created April 18, 2023