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One Piece Flow Pulling Wallbeds by Wilding


Wilding Wallbeds handcrafts natural wood Murphy beds in St. George, Utah. They combine a high-tech, fast-paced manufacturing toolset with artisan handcrafted techniques. All of this is done to consistently create a product intended to stand the test of time beautifully. The company saves its customers thousands by cutting out the middleman and selling directly from the shop floor.

The Challenge

Wallbeds by Wilding requested assistance with lean training and productivity improvements. The team contacted iMpact Utah, a sub-recipient of the UUMEP, for help.

We appreciate the resources that the MEP and Impact Utah provide. We’ve significantly reduced the time it takes to produce, we can handle rush orders better, and our people can make improvements to the system. We were proud to show off our business to other local manufacturers during a recent tour.

— Steve Parkinson, Vice President of Operations

MEP's Role

iMpact Utah worked with Wallbeds by Wilding’s leaders to fine-tune manufacturing processes with lean principles, improve team performance through continuous improvement, and increase capacity through faster production. iMpact Utah helped Wallbeds by Wilding improve in all of these areas through Lean 101 and Fundamental training and a Rapid Improvement Event. 

Through the process of completing Lean 101 Fundamentals training and a rapid improvement event (RIE), Wilding Wallbeds began to better learn and apply work to takt time, one-piece flow of product, standard work, and pull systems (Kanban) throughout the company and specifically in the finishing area. The RIE helped identify and improve metrics for the number of beds produced per day and customer lead time.

The rapid improvement event helped the team drop the time spent on a unique product request from one week to one day. It also helped them develop a new production line flow. This improvement to the production line increased sales as a result of increased capacity. 

Created November 1, 2023