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University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center

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The University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center is the statewide manufacturing assistance center funded by NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership. The UUMEP Center’s mission is to deliver customized services to improve all aspects of manufacturing—from the production floor to the front office. Key areas of focus are in food manufacturing, operational excellence, workforce training, advanced manufacturing, growth & innovation, and investment access. The UUMEP Center staff visits clients on-site to discuss their needs, develops a customized solution or project, delivers and manages the custom project, and continuously ensures the project meets the client’s desired outcomes. The UUMEP Center is committed to improving and supporting manufacturers success by becoming and remaining Utah’s #1 trusted industry resource.

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Success Stories

Securing Fortress Clothing for Future Growth

Report Year
Fortress Clothing has a proprietary apparel technology that allows people to be warm in all weather. After marketing various products that targeted different user needs and applications, the company had decided to focus on promoting its base layer. The idea behind this approach is to allow customers to layer their own "vanity" branded middle layers

NIST SP 800-171 has Major Impact on ACT Aerospace

Report Year
As a supplier to the aerospace industry, ACT Aerospace must maintain certain certifications regarding the quality of their work. A key client demanded a review of DFARS compliance, particularly focused on reviewing ACT's NIST 800-171 to demonstrate cybersecurity requirement compliance.

It All Starts Upstream - Refining Peczuh Printing Request for Quote Process

Report Year
The company suffered from inaccurate information and specifications from the RFQ (request for quote) process from the sales to the estimating teams, which led to waste, variation, and overburdening. Peczuh Printing reached out to the Utah Manufacturers Association to help improve their RFQ process, which would in turn increase their on-time

"Working with the UUMEP has been a great experience. From the beginning, they have been genuinely interested in what we do, and how to best help facilitate business growth. We highly recommend engaging with the UUMEP team to support any specific objectives related to consulting or engineering to facilitate growth. As a result of our experience, we will be reaching out to UUMEP often!"

—Ben Phillips, Owner

Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 11, 2021