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Moving Chairs at MityLite Breads More Success


Founded in 1987, MityLite is an award-winning provider of durable commercial furniture. From its warehouse facilities in Orem, Utah, MityLite manufactures tables, chairs, portable dance floors, and other event furnishings. MityLite products are designed with comfort, durability, and affordability in mind for many markets, including hotels, restaurants, casinos, sport stadiums, conference and event centers, churches, universities, aquatic centers, hospitals and clinics, government facilities, and other buildings.

The Challenge

The MityLite team is driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, artisanship, and innovation. MityLite holds dozens of patents for inventions related to its products and manufacturing processes. With all this success, Mity needed to relocate a chair line to their Utah location from another plant.
iMpact Utah cares about things that matter to us at Mity Lite and we appreciate our relationship. We are able to access their resources when we need them, with flexibility, to get results we need. We also enjoy supporting other local manufacturers and allow Impact to bring other clients to tour our facility. It helps to develop our people and gives them a chance to show off their improvements. Thank you!
— Alex Dobsky, Exec Vice President of Operations

MEP's Role

iMpact Utah, a Utah-MEP sub-recipient and part of the MEP National Network™,  delivered grant funding to assist with automating a welding process for the chair line. MityLite and iMpact Utah have also started an engagement to provide outside consulting and team development training.
Created May 17, 2023