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Metal Fabrication Employees Reach Their Potential Through NEPIRC’s Leadership Training


Olympia Chimney & Venting is a leading designer and manufacturer of chimney venting systems, liners, caps and components. Olympia provides chimney systems for all fuel sources within its Ventis® family of products. Olympia also manufactures a wide variety of chimney liners including Forever Flex™, Premium Forever Flex™, Hybrid®, and Rhino Rigid™. Headquartered in a 225,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Olympia produces over 1,000,000 feet of chimney liner annually.

The Challenge

In today's workforce climate, numerous manufacturers have shifted their focus from extensive recruitment efforts to retaining their existing employees. This is done by providing employee development opportunities, recognizing their achievements and organizing employee activities. Olympia Chimney Supply is another manufacturer that emphasizes employee retention efforts.


To enhance the work environment for its employees, Olympia Chimney Supply decided to identify a group of employees who were deemed to have leadership potential but required further mentoring. By investing in these individuals and offering them opportunities to advance in their roles, Olympia Chimney Supply believed that a leadership development training program would be beneficial in improving employee retention.

Keep doing what you are doing! I love our partnership.
— Holly Kubicki, Vice President, Human Resources

MEP's Role

Olympia Chimney collaborated with NEPIRC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, to provide its Eight Week Leadership Development Essentials training. The program was conducted virtually, and the participants met every week to discuss various topics, such as leadership and coaching skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, motivation, high-performance teams, change management, performance coaching, employment laws, sexual harassment and workforce diversity.


Through the combined efforts of the lecturers and group challenges, all participants from Olympia Chimney were able to not only gain insights into their individual leadership styles and skills but were able to fully embrace them. The participants were highly enthusiastic about applying what they learned in their respective roles, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the company's overall performance.

Created January 23, 2024