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How EOS Led to a Higher Functioning Organization


Located in York, Nebraska, the Cyclonaire has approximately 75 employees and has been in business since 1973. Cyclonaire designs, engineers and builds complex, custom conveyance systems to help customers move materials more efficiently. Six to nine months can be spent on a single project. Cyclonaire offers pneumatic conveying systems, dense phase pneumatic conveying, hopper car unloading, rail car unloading, railroad track sanding equipment, cement conveying and dilute phase conveying systems. Their core focus and niche is using air to move powdered material

The Challenge

Leadership at Cyclonaire wanted to ensure that the company would continue to grow.  While looking at ways to accomplish this objective the management team had read the book Traction, by Gino Wickman, which introduced them to the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). During a meeting with the Nebraska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, Scott Schmid, President of Cyclonaire, discussed their interest in EOS and how they were starting to use some of the system.  The MEP team suggested that Cyclonaire consider engaging the services of a professional EOS coach, to capture the full impact of the system.

EOS has been a game changer for Cyclonaire, and I share this story with other business leaders whenever I get the chance, because I know it can work for them too. I’m grateful for the timely introduction made by the MEP team.
— Scott Schmid, President

MEP's Role

The Nebraska MEP introduced Mike Yoder, a certified EOS Implementer®, to the management team. Mike conducted a 90-minute introductory meeting with the management team, in which he shared the EOS Tools® for strengthening the six key components of their business and the proven process for implementing EOS throughout the organization. Following the presentation, the management team decided to engage with Mike as their coach on the journey of implementing EOS to simplify, clarify and achieve their vision for growth.

After Coach Mike Yoder began the journey of EOS with the leadership team through the introductory 90-minute meeting, the Nebraska MEP helped arrange the on-going rhythm of meetings to continue the process of growing and expanding for Cyclonaire. Working with the Cyclonaire Leadership Team, the process of implementation began with 3 full-day meetings to learn the context of each tool and then build the tool with Cyclonaire’s information and people. Training culminated in a plan for Cyclonaire, a two-page document that is reviewed quarterly and shared by all.  

After these three days, Cyclonaire continued the process with 3 quarterly full-day meetings, followed by an annual 2-day meeting. This cadence of meetings resulted in the leadership team continually improving their utilization of the EOS Tools, thus strengthening the six key components of their business. Success included improved alignment of their sales team, improved efficiency in their engineering area leading to efficiencies in running their organization and strengthening leaders/managers throughout the organization.

Created April 5, 2023