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Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Nebraska MEP)

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The Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Nebraska MEP) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides manufacturing support and assistance to enhance the productivity and technological performance of small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises statewide. Leveraging relationships with technical specialists at the University of Nebraska and a network of external providers, Nebraska MEP offers an assortment of services to help manufacturers improve, grow, connect and lead.

Nebraska MEP’s approach is to work with each client individually, understand their needs, and tailor a plan to meet specific goals and objectives. The end goal is to increase the profitability and competitiveness of manufacturers through a concerted effort to develop high caliber workers, foster product innovation, cultivate new customers and enter new markets. 

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Success Stories

McCain Foods Reaps Waste Reduction Benefits

Report Year
Under the guidance of the plant manager and his staff, McCain Foods’ on-going continuous improvement initiatives addressed raw material process losses with the goal over the summer of 2018 to reduce the amount of onion waste leaving the facility, while also increasing the total volume of packaged product.

Strategy Sets Course for Growth

Report Year
Wilson Case has a very popular line of products with a modern plant featuring an engaged employee group and select investments in automation equipment. The Nebraska MEP conducted a competitive assessment review with the owner and senior management team. The review found many positives, while identifying a need for strategy development to give

Tielke Sandwiches ensures safety of product for the consumer

Report Year
Tielke Sandwiches wanted to continue to produce safe quality products and be in full compliance with food manufacturing regulations, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in particular. It was necessary to ensure that there was a preventive controls-qualified individual on staff that could oversee food safety and quality control. Tielke

"The services provided by Nebraska MEP at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln definitely added value to our business and were substantial in solidifying our financial position in 2017. I would definitely recommend this program to others."

—Doug Tegtmeier, Director of Operations

Created March 18, 2019, Updated June 2, 2020