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Highly Efficient Plant Layout


Troy Chemical Industries was founded in 1971 and specializes in the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of chemical speciality products. Markets served are industrial, metal pretreatment, private-label/toll blending, food processing, and pulp and paper.

The Challenge

Troy Chemical's existing manufacturing facility was a 28,920-square-foot facility located in Burton, Ohio. They had outgrown the facility and started to investigate moving their operation to a larger facility.

ROI calculations for moving into a different building did not make financial sense, so Troy Chemical approached MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, to see if their existing building, along with a 9,600-square-foot facility, could be laid out to give them the efficiencies they needed along with handling their future growth needs. 
MAGNET provided us support, knowledge and most importantly, a plan moving forward. We had no one on our team that had this type of knowledge; so, having us lean on MAGNET and their resources was huge. They are readily available and are an excellent source of information for Troy Chemical. We learned that there are other aspects of our business that they can provide direction on. We look at MAGNET as a valuable resource when we do not have the knowledge internally.
— Ted Bunton, President

MEP's Role

The MAGNET team observed the current operations gaining an understanding of the operations and created process flow maps and spaghetti diagrams to gather key metrics such as such as travel distances, inventory, and space requirements.

Several concept drawings were created and discussed with the Troy Chemical leadership team. The pluses and minuses for each concept were discussed in detail. A detailed future state drawing was created with improved flow and efficiencies.

Created April 28, 2023