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Hayward Tyler Expands Its Export Services to Include a European Strategic Growth Plan


Hayward Tyler, located in Colchester, Vermont, is part of the Engineered Pumps and Motors Division of Avingtrans plc, which designs, manufactures and services performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding applications in the global energy and chemical processing industries, specializing in high pressure, high temperature, and difficult-to-handle fluids. As a 200+ year old company with 115 full-time employees in their VT operation, Hayward Tyler is a leader and top performer in their industry, with their pumps and motors found in the most demanding environments of the energy sector. 

The Challenge

Hayward Tyler (HT) wished to develop a strategic growth plan for European expansion. They hired a business development manager based in Madrid, Spain, to pursue this opportunity in Germany, Spain and Italy, focusing on the chemical/ petrochemical and biofuels/ethanol markets. They also secured an agreement with a China-based manufacturer for these pumps using the manufacturer's design and HT’s brand, allowing HT to penetrate the European market without developing their own lower cost product.

HT was seeking a planning framework and assistance to facilitate the development of that plan, to ensure that they factored in all necessary considerations including setting sales targets, developing a sales channel strategy, confirming their value proposition and product differentiators, evaluating arrangements for repair and spare parts, determining marketing activities to support growth of this product line and confirming product standards and certification requirements. Having successfully completed VMEC's ExporTech program in 2015, they again sought assistance from VMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, for this international growth plan. 

The services provided through VMEC and their third party contractor resulted in a strategic growth plan document that has become a dynamic tool for the HTI team. This plan is reviewed on a quarterly basis and updated/revised as needed. It established the framework by which we measure progress and results on a continuous basis.
— Larry Jacobs, Chief Growth Officer

MEP's Role

Once VMEC's services were secured through a third party, the proposed work tasks for the project included: collection of background information (market information, HT goals and current overall growth strategies; review of plan outline with strategic planning sessions including reviewing revenue, growth and financial targets; confirming target market selection, as well as sales and distribution channels; data collection, including market intelligence and current marketing and sales activities; plan presentation and feedback from other experienced export executives; and finalization of plan and next steps. The U.S. Commercial Service Vermont Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce was very instrumental in initiating the project, as well as actively participating in client meetings.

Created January 24, 2024, Updated January 26, 2024