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Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC)

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The Vermont representative of the MEP National Network ™, the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) has been operating statewide as a not-for-profit Center hosted by Vermont Technical College since 1995. VMEC's primary mission is, "To strengthen and empower Vermont manufacturers." VMEC routinely collaborates with partners in business, government and education to bring world-class assistance and resources to Vermont manufacturers, helping them overcome ever-changing challenges, become more competitive, and grow their profitability. A local Resource and Trusted Advisor, VMEC has a long track record of achieving measured results and quantified impacts for its clients, with a high average Return on Investment (ROI) reported by clients as a direct result of VMEC assistance. The VMEC Team brings expertise in consulting, coaching, hands-on implementation, continuing support, and training and education for leaders and workers – helping them to innovate, plan, perform and accelerate profitable growth in ways that drive increasing enterprise value. The VMEC Team provides proven systems and solutions focused on Strategies, Processes, Products, Technologies and People.

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Success Stories

LEDdynamics Illuminates the Future Through Innovation as MFG Day 2022 event host

Reported Year
Preparing for MFG Day events in 2022, VMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, wished to pursue a client company who would host an in-person event at their facility, had secured the Center's services in the past with successful results, is a growing player in their field and supports the Vermont economy in terms of innovation and workforce hiring

Hearthstone Warms Up to and Embraces Growth Improvement and Workforce Upskilling

Reported Year
Having doubled their sales the previous year, Hearthstone knew they needed to upskill their staff to be able to meet the demand with the current staffing levels. Having worked with VMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, for many years on lean-based efforts, Hearthstone reached out to VMEC for their support in their growth efforts.
Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024